Helpful Tips for Engraving Glass with Lasers

When it comes to engraving or etching glass, there are several options used. One of the most popular is a laser. To help make sure that the best possible results are achieved, use the tips and information here.

A Moist Paper Towel

When engraving glass, a moist paper towel can be extremely beneficial. This can be used to help prevent the engraving area from getting rough, and it will help create a clearer, whiter engraving result. Before engraving begins, put a single layer of a moist paper towel over the glass. Be sure there aren’t any overlaps or air bubbles, as this would affect the image. After the engraving is done, the residue will wipe off easily and leave the resulting effect.

Application Tape

While moist paper towel is one option, another is application tape. This can be used to prevent the surface from becoming too rough. However, when using application tape, the engraving color will appear grayish rather than a bright white. Just like with the paper towel method, be sure that there aren’t any overlaps or air bubbles formed when applying the tape. Once the engraving is complete, simply clean the glass carefully to remove any adhesive residue.

Engraving with No Auxiliary Materials

Application tape and moist paper towels don’t have to be used when processing glass. The effects can be created by making certain adjustments, including changing the graphic’s color to 70 percent gray from 100 percent black in order to minimize the effect of the heat on a larger surface and to optimize the engraving results.

By using the tips and information here, even a novice user can make their laser etching and engraving of glass much easier. Keep in mind that the type of laser used will also impact the results achieved. If a person is new to this process or just wants some advice about what to use, they can look at boss laser reviews. Being informed is one of the best ways to ensure that the desired results for the process are achieved and, in the long run, this will help to ensure the best results possible.